Digtal Trends Magazine

Digital Trends Magazine is using WordPress with a customized theme for the front-end that makes crazy use of lazy-load and non-ending loop/AJAX logic.

I always smile when I remember this website. One of the main concerns the client had was, and I quote: “I want it to look like the news never ends…” – I was so confused on how to achieve this at the beginning of the build. An open ended website? – Almost foreign to me…but I figured it out.

At the end of the project (no pun intended…), we resolved to a higher performace server in order to maintain the cache for a CDN + the distinct feature of PHP listening in and loading AJAX upon request after a specific bunch of articles were loaded…all in all, great experience.

Roles: Freelance Developer/Contract

Technology: Wordpress/Custom

Codework: CSS3, HTML5

Status: Live

Project: Closed