Finnerty Equipment Inc.

This site was built using Joomla for the pruposes of displaying the company’s operations in Canada and the United States.

I like to keep this one up – an oldy but goody – for the purposes of showing that, even when a client sends you an email with THREE pictures and ONE-AND-A-HALF paragraphs of text for the content for a website, you can still make something look pretty good…he he.

I like to think of this website as the most basic you can get, as the project took me just under 5 hours¬†to complete (including server + email setup and logo design) and costed well below $100 (not a trend I keep but mainly a favor). I guess there’s room for everything on my portfolio…he he)

Roles: Freelance Developer

Technology: Wordpress/Mix

Codework: CSS3, HTML5

Status: Live

Project: Closed>