Gravity Games (Series)

The Gravity Games Series project was a number of landing/squeeze pages that would appear as pop-unders or HTML ads on various domains that were promoted through another ad agency.

I compiled the HTML, using supplied graphics and used some of the first ever techniques of “minification” + jQuery in order to get these ads to load up in less than 880ms.

I was contracted to build 8 of these HTML ads in total. I supplied the company with proper structured code so that they may quickly modify new ads should they wish to in the future.

Occasionally I see these ads pop up here and there over the web, when I recognized the company I view the code source to find much of my original codework still intact after all these years, must be doing something right!!

Roles: Freelance Developer

Technology: Custom

Codework: CSS3, HTML4/5

Status: Unknown

Project: Closed