Nudie Jeans Co.

The Nudie Jeans company is primarily a Magento based E-Commerce website, but with a little customization of operation, custom theming and a WordPress attached blog/news compnent.

I was connected through word of mouth by an agency responsible for the building of a new website for the company after a long tedious road with their previous developer.

The original website included this terrible notion of a forum where they would connect with their clients, it was very monotonous – impossible for a growing busines to maintain worldwide, but this was important to them.

Through the advent of social media and the like, we came to an arrangement where they would assign various team members to connect on social media. the design had top be simplistic, and funky – eye catching and easy to use.

Roles: Freelance Developer

Technology: Magento CMS/Custom

Codework: CSS3, HTML5

Status: Live

Project: Closed