Simplectic DS & RC Ltd.

I know it’s odd, but sometimes I do websites for clients, and even after all the development and discussion that goes on, at the end of it I still haven’t a clear understanding of what they do.

This is one of those projects. It makes it difficult when too many hands are in the kitchen, but of course, we prevail through 🙂 – the end result, is something that looks great, works amazing, and functions on every level at top notch speed.

Simpletic was built using WordPress 4.7 and a mix of a custom theme/xTheme frontend build. There is a whole backend system (I didn’t build by the way) that I can’t show you but for now, look in awe of this beauty!! (he he).

Roles: Freelance Developer

Technology: WordPress, Custom HTML5

Status: Live

Project: Closed